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Who lives and who dies?

Invisible Wounds of War

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PLAP court victory helps disabled parolees

Julian SpearChief-Morris is the first indigenous student to head Harvard Law School’s Legal Aid Bureau

Margaret Montoya '78

Judge Isaac Parker

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Isaac Parker and the Founding of Harvard Law School

On April 17, 1816, in his Harvard Hall inaugural speech as the first Royall Professor of Law, Judge Isaac Parker made an early suggestion of the establishment of what would become Harvard Law School.

“At some future time, perhaps, a school for the instruction of resident graduates in jurisprudence may be usefully ingrafted in this professorship, and there is no doubt, that when that happens, one or two years devoted to study only, under a capable instructor, before they shall enter into the office of a counselor, to obtain a knowledge of practice, will tend greatly to improve the character of the bar of our state."1

An Old Manuscript, A New Page

Isaac Parker, The Original Royall

Isaac Parker was named the first Royall Professor of Law at Harvard Law School in 1817. In Parker's address he set the standard for the unborn Harvard Law School saying, "Well may the law now be denominated a science and deemed worthy a place in the University."