HLS Pro-Bono Globe FAQ

I’m faculty AND alumni–which should I choose as my affiliation to HLS?

  • Please choose Alumni, and include your class year.

I’m confused by what to select for type of pro-bono work.

  • Clinic/SPO: Work with an HLS Clinic or Student Practice Organization while a student.
  • Pro-bono: Law-related work including public service with a governmental entity and/or law-related work that you have performed without charge on behalf of (1) people who cannot afford, in whole or in part, to pay for legal services; (2) a non-profit organization; or (3) a governmental entity.
  • Community service/volunteer: Non-legal work intended to benefit a group of people or an area in need. Examples include working with senior citizens, assisting in a community garden improvement project, working in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, or serving as an unpaid member of a non-profit board of directors.

What location should I select for my pin?

  • We understand that sometimes you may live in one city, be working for an organization based in another city, and contributing to work in yet a third location. You should choose the location where the work is having the most impact.

Why is the number of Globe entries that display limited?

  • Technical limitations prevent us from displaying all of our entries, so we will choose a rotation of representative examples from all the entries submitted.

If you have any other questions, please email us at hls200@law.harvard.edu.

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