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The Domestic Challenge of Globalization: What Policies are Necessary for Addressing Those Left Behind?

Oct 27|2:00 - 3:30pm
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The forces propelling globalization have ushered in benefits for a wide range of American corporations and consumers. However, the rising tide has not lifted all boats, at least in recent years. For some Americans, greater foreign import competition and increased offshoring/outsourcing have triggered economic upheaval that threatens their way of life. Complicating policy matters further is the fact that the major driver of such upheaval is not necessarily globalization but rather technology and automation. In light of these trends, what types of domestic policies are required to help better the costs associated with globalization, which are disproportionately borne by Americans’ pocketbooks? What are the major failings of existing policies? How should we pay for any new or redesigned programs?

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