FridayHLS in the Community:

Workshop – Human Rights Advocacy

Apr 20|9:30 - 11:30am WCC, Room 1023
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Advocates around the world rely upon human rights law, language, and methodologies in the struggle for social justice. While human rights law provides guidance on an astonishing range of issues—corporate accountability in South Africa, transitional justice in Myanmar, healthcare in Brazil, criminal justice in the United States, immigration policy in Europe, and beyond—advocates nonetheless face a host of challenges and dilemmas when seeking to translate law into meaningful, sustainable change.

Led by International Human Rights Clinic co-directors Susan Farbstein and Tyler Giannini and featuring a variety of alumni practitioners, this interactive workshop will focus on how human rights advocates blend theory with practice in order to advance social justice. Drawing on their experiences in the clinic and elsewhere, alumni will share challenges, victories, and strategies in the human rights space, ultimately seeking to answer the question: what is responsible, effective human rights advocacy? Audience members will have the opportunity to help brainstorm and share experiences and questions from human rights as well as other fields of law.

This workshop is designed for alumni, students, and staff involved in and/or interested in human rights advocacy and will include interactive discussions between presenters and between audience members.

Featured Speakers: