Prepared to Reason

The men and women of Harvard Law School have been shaped by—and have shaped—a great tradition of rigorous legal reasoning and analysis.

Versatile and Nimble

The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau at 100

I was elected by the women of Ireland, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system.

Mr. Special Prosecutor

By Julia Collins. Harvard Law Bulletin, Summer 1997

A generation has passed since Watergate and the Saturday Night Massacre catapulted Archibald Cox '37 to the center of national attention. After Watergate Professor Cox resumed quieter legal pursuits: teaching at the Law School, chairing the national citizens' lobbying group Common Cause, handling pro bono cases, recommending court reforms in Massachusetts, and writing articles and books.

I came to law school because I wanted to learn how to tell stories in a new way.

Students Spend Spring Break Focused on Legal Services Work

Star Negotiator

American Journey

Never Forget

Lani Guinier: present and visible