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Why Practicing Law Still Matters to HLS Alumni in Sports Law, Marketing, and Operations

Oct 27|9:00 - 10:30am
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In this wide-ranging dialogue, this session explore why and how practicing law remains important to each of these alumni in their roles as team and league counsels. In particular, they explore the common issues with which each of them deals on a regular basis (including collective bargaining and player discipline-related issues). In that context, they also considere cutting-edge legal issues that are uniquely important to each league and the contributions of HLS alumni to the field of sports law.

Peter Carfagna '79 Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Magis, LLC
Paloma Ahmadi '10 Counsel, Labor Relations, Major League Baseball
Jihad F. Beauchman '09 Associate General Counsel, San Fransisco 49ers
David Friedman '96 Senior Vice President and Special Counsel, Boston Red Sox
Ashwin Krishnan '10 Senior Counsel, Miami Marlins
Megha H. Parekh '09 Senior Vice President, Jacksonville Jaguars
Michael Zarren '04 Assistant General Manager and Team Counsel, Boston Celtics