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Conversations: Television

Sep 16|2:15 - 3:15pm
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This panel will explore some big themes, such as the evolution of television drama and comedy over the last few decades, and how we arrived at a point where television is now the most influential and pervasive form of storytelling on the planet. Plus, the panel will talk about stuff people really want to know, like what it’s like to work in TV, and how all of our panelists made the journey from HLS to the small screen.

Location: WCC 1015

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Featured Speakers:
Alfredo Barrios, Jr. Executive Producer
Peter Blake '95 Screenwriter
Chris Keyser '85 Screenwriter
Jeffrey Lewis '70 Screenwriter and Author
Jordana Lewis Jaffe Co-Executive Producer, NCIS: Los Angeles
Desta Reff '13 Filmmaker